Rob Fletcher speaks to Ivan Tenchev, the winner of the 2018 FESPA World Wrap Masters about his experience in the competition and encourages others in this area of the industry to take part next year.

Bulgarian national Tenchev has been working with vehicle decoration for over seven years and has built up an incredible knowledge of the market.

Tenchev started up his company ‘Astra Folio’ with his wife, with an initial focus on tinting windows. However, such was the success of this business venture that the firm now employs five people and offers a range of car wrapping services.

Having firmly established Astra Folio as a leading name in the vehicle decoration sector, Tenchev told that he is now looking at the next step for the business.

“We are working on setting up a training centre for car lightening and glass shading,” Tenchev said. “We offer complete car seat coatings for glass shading, polishing of headlamps, installation of protective foil, as well as replacement of armour and optical parts of cars.

“I am also keen to create online lessons on a new website so that people can learn more about what we can do.”

Find New Friends At The World Wrap Masters

Tenchev drew on this knowledge of and expertise in vehicle décor to clinch first place at this year’s FESPA World Wrap Masters grand final in Munich. This was not the first time that Tenchev had entered the contest, but it was the first time he walked away as the overall winner.

“I’m a competitive character and I love adrenaline and the thrill of competing,” Tenchev said. “I feel good after winning, it is great that the work is appreciated.

“It’s really interesting to take part because you will find many new friends who can help our industry to reach a higher level. The feeling to compete is different from what you do every day.”

Expanding on this, Tenchev has no hesitation in recommending that others in this sector of the industry take part in the FESPA World Wrap Masters next year and, possibly, repeat his success by becoming the grand champion.

“I was happy to participate in the Masters for the third time this year,” Tenchev said. “I would like to say to all installers to try to do this and to believe in their dreams.

“Three years ago when I started to compete, I never thought I would win. Believe in your dreams and one day you will win.”

Tenchev’s Taste For Success

Switching his attention back to daily life at Astra Folio after his win at this year’s Masters, Tenchev speaks positively about business at the company. Describing 2018 so far as a “success” for the firm, Tenchev is keen to build on this and push for further growth in the second half of the year and beyond.

“Every year we have more customers,” Tenchev said. “We work on this and when you see success, it is very good for us.

“When our customers leave smiling and happy with the work that we have done for them, this is very important for our team at Astra Folio.”

This article first appeared on Word Wrap Masters